OR1200 processing instructions

Well, after a tiny amount of sweat and tears I got the OR1200 hooked to a ROM for instructions and was able to execute them. The instructions I am currently running are from the example in the VMWare image. Before I actually sit down and write any C code myself I am investigating linker scripts and how to do what I want.

Unfortunately Quartus does not support parameterized filenames in the Verilog $readmemh command. This means that the filename must be hard coded and the module is single purpose. Bummer. I submitted a feature request to Altera but my hopes aren't high.

Here is the code from what I did:

It is worth noting that I did not hook anything to the data Wishbone Bus. Instead I asserted retry so it will infinity loop trying to perform a bus transaction. Eventually I will insert a traffic cop and combine the buses.

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