Been a while.

I don't post here often, something I would like to change. Whether that happens or not, we shall see.

Things that have happened since I posted last:

I've become more swamped with school work. Code, Code, Code is all I seem to do. Oh, and wire stuff for 5 hours.

I've shaken my fist at my homebrew server and have started renting a Rackspace virtual dedicated as a result. I think it was a good investment. I haven't moved everything on the old server and as a result have continued to scratch my head and shake my fist at times.

Been working on a new site. Very early in the design phase, mostly getting ideas for layout / color / how it should work / everything else.
My hope is to get tutorials up to help new programmers and experienced programmers. I have never liked most tutorial sites, so either I could complain or try to make my own. It is a lot of work and my free time (when I 'should' be doing more school work) I work on it.

Got an SSL cert, I am happy.

Dropped just about every other project I was working on. (They were added to that "when I get time" list.)

So here is to running at 90 miles per hour every day. TTFN