Google-Drive, Fuse, and Docker

Today I was fiddling with an idea I had of using Google-Drive to store configuration information for docker images. It is much too slow to do anything that would hit it on a regular basis, but for configuration I think it could work quite nicely.

On that note I went out to explore the idea of a Google-Drive docker image. The idea being you would use the volumes-from capability to access the information from the container connected to google drive which would also likely need extra privileges.

On that I was correct, the internet recommends time and time again that to get Fuse to work you need


I was curious if there was any way around that and found that indeed it is possible to only allow access to fuse by instead using

-v /dev/fuse:/dev/fuse

That maps the device into the container and surprisingly works.

For those interested in my dockerfile:

FROM base/archlinux

RUN pacman -S --noconfirm python2-pip fuse
RUN pip2 install ez_setup
RUN pip2 install --allow-unverified antlr-python-runtime --allow-external antlr-python-runtime google-api-python-client gdrivefs

You will need to get credentials as described in

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