Picture Time

This is an old program on the board (before the inclusion of the processor) it just shows the touch position.
This is the current program. The gradient is scrolling from right to left. Also note how the screen is upside down. This is due to the way Terasic setup the headers, it will only sit flat upside down relative to the development board.
Lastly the DE0 development board. You can see the SDCard slot that I have yet to implement as well as the ribbon cable leading to the touchscreen. I also find it odd that they cut the plastic shield such that it covers two of the momentary contact switches.


HealixZero said...

ditto. i haven't the foggiest what they were thinking. why does the touchscreen only sit level if its upside-down? is it because of the ribbon cable? or is it because of the alignment with the cable connectors?

Thomas said...

The orientation of the connector means you would have to twist the ribbon cable to make the touchscreen right side up. My plan is to just fudge the data so the origin is in the opposite corner.